Notebook Lock With Number Combination 1.5m

Notebook Lock With Number Combination 1.5m

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Referentie: EW1241

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The EW1241 Notebook Lock protects your notebook and your desktop from theft. It works like a lock for bicycles. Just roll the steel cable of 1.5 meters around an immovable object such as a wall, radiator or desk, and finally compose a combination of numbers for the activation of the block.
Your vacation photos, important documents and your favorite music will be safe thanks to the Ewent security lock.
Use the lock in private areas like the office and in public areas like stores or trade fairs.


  • Universal and easy to use with any laptop and desktop with a built-in security slot
  • 4-digit combination lock
  • Ideal for the office and public areas
  • Strong locking device featuring a 1,5m steel cable
  • Easy installation


  • Lenght. 1.5m
  • Material: Zinc-steel (locker part), steel (cable)