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NetBotz Surveillance Base - 15 Nodes (NBSV1000)
€2.771,59(excl. BTW)
€3.353,63(incl. BTW)
Data Protector Advanced Backup to Disk 1TB LTU
€1.293,75(excl. BTW)
€1.565,44(incl. BTW)
Phaser-cal (v4.02) Software


Phaser-cal (v4.02) Software

€178,81(excl. BTW)
€216,36(incl. BTW)
Infrastruxure Central 25 Node Lic Only
€1.011,39(excl. BTW)
€1.223,78(incl. BTW)
HP OpenView Data Protector Starter Pack Windows DVD LTU
€1.364,48(excl. BTW)
€1.651,01(incl. BTW)
Intelligent Power Manager Lics Edition Silver
€1.649,53(excl. BTW)
€1.995,93(incl. BTW)
Netbotz Advanced Software Pack #1
€84,11(excl. BTW)
€101,77(incl. BTW)
Infrastruxure Operations 10 Rack License
€1.593,62(excl. BTW)
€1.928,29(incl. BTW)
Sra Virtual Appliance - Licence - 5 Concurrent Users
€459,98(excl. BTW)
€556,57(incl. BTW)
Aventail E-class Sra Virtual Appliance With Administration Test License
€2.172,58(excl. BTW)
€2.628,82(incl. BTW)
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