Act 5x 1 Hdmi Switch, 3d And 4k Support

Act 5x 1 Hdmi Switch, 3d And 4k Support

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Base Price:€41,71€50,47
Referentie: AC7840

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With the 5x1 AC7840 HDMI switch, it is possible to display 5 HDMI sources on one TV/monitor. Switching between the sources is easy with the supplied remote control. The AC7840 switches automatically to the first available source thanks to the auto-input-sensing. The HDMI switch has a built-in infrared receiver. The maximum (3D) resolution is 1080p @ 60 Hz and 4K resolution: 3840x2160 @ 30Hz.


  • Display 5 sources on 1 screen
  • Remote control for switching between the different sources
  • Auto input sensing: switches automatically to the available source