Clip On Cvr Mcbk Pro 15'' 2016 Lightblue

Clip On Cvr Mcbk Pro 15'' 2016 Lightblue

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Referentie: MCPRN15C20

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A MacBook is a precious possession that's in daily use, and to prevent it being damaged it is important to protect it in the correct manner. All protective covers from Gecko Covers are tailor-made, which means that this Clip-on cover fits your MacBook perfectly. The two-part Clip-on cover is made of polycarbonate - this tough plastic will never break. The cover has been designed so that both the top and bottom of your laptop are protected in a practical and elegant manner. The Apple logo is also still visible through the cover.

Features & Benefits

  • Product Type : Clip on Cover
  • Compatibility : Macbook Pro 15 Inch
  • Material : Polycarbonate
  • Color : Light Blue